Eternity Wall

Messages lasting forever  

Messages written on the wall are embedded in the blockchain, the public registry underneath bitcoin.
There are almost 100 thousands copies of this ledger all around the world and soon it will also be in space.
Even if this site goes down or disappears, your message is guaranteed to persist for generations to come.

 For love

Publicly declare your love for someone

 In memory

Memorialize an event or a person

 For fun

Just say hello to the entire world

Proof of existence

Drag & Drop or select a document to check if it has been notarized in the blockchain or to notarize a new one.
3579 documents notarized so far. Next expected commit on the blockchain in 4 hours.

Drop here a document

Or click to select one

Notarize it!

Upload the hash and certify it in the blockchain.


The document is hashed client side and only the hash is uploaded to our server preserving your privacy.
You can certify documents also by sending an email with attachments to

If you want to know more about this feature have a look at our service announcement, how to manually verify notarization, how to independently verify notarization or the independent verification page.

We support the OpenTimestamps format!